Junk Removal Estimated Pricing

Estimated Pricing:
Prices for junk removal is determined by the truck’s load as well as the items that are taken away.

To provide you with a rough estimation – the majority of our jobs range between $100 and $300 for pick-up as well as removal.

Request an estimate for junk removal using our online form, or contact us for a specific estimate. We appreciate it!

How Junk Removal and Hourly Labor Work

Whatever you require for us to move the Junk, Trash or Garbage in Riverside or surrounding areas in California, we’re committed to doing that labor-intensive service for you!

We’re able to offer all the labor required to unload and load the junk we take from your property.

Hourly rates vary based according to the amount of trash, the area and the type of job we’ll take on. Contact us for more information. the number to obtain more specific estimates on the hourly rate of labor.

  • A Stress-Free Junk Removal Service
  • NO Pressure: We don’t push your buttons. Contact us, or request an inquiry for a no-cost estimate at any time.
  • PEACE of Mind: You can relax knowing that we’ll be there be able to manage your project from beginning to completion. Our team members have been professionally trained and are ready to tackle any task that is given to them.
  • FAST SERVICE: When you require labor quickly, we can provide same day or next-day work to deal with those urgent junk removal needs!
  • ECO EFFICIENT: We like to be as eco-friendly as we can when it comes to disposing of your Junk. Our aim is to save the planet! We recycle all junk we find that could be reused and we dispose of responsibly in eco-friendly garbage dumps!
  • Relax and be happy: We have everything under control. We offer our clients the best, most effective, pleasant and efficient junk removal services that are available throughout Riverside, California!

    100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    At Junk Removal Riverside, we are aware of the steps professionals in Removal Labor takes, We take into account what Hourly Labor required to finish the task with you in mind, so that you don’t need to do anything.

From loading your trash and disposing of it, our labor services will help you save time and cash!


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