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Bulk Furniture Removal and Hauling

It is a thing of the past to remove and dispose off your old furniture yourself, especially with our affordable furniture removing and hauling services in Riverside, CA. Our team is committed to making furniture removal easy and efficient. It’s also very simple from start to finish.

We can pick up and remove bulk furniture, as well as recycle all furniture in any part of your home or business. Our strong junk removal experts are professionally trained to remove large quantities of furniture, as well as haul away, reuse, and even give any furniture (in good condition) that you don’t want anymore to a local charity .

We offer same-day furniture removal, which is something that we love. We can remove large furniture, office furniture, and even old mattresses.

Is it Time for New Furnishings?

Are you sure that your belongings have a right to a second chance? Junk removal Alexandria Pros partners with many local charities to ensure your belongings find a new home.

Our expert scrap removal specialists will take care of your sofa chair, chair or work table, whether you are looking to recycle it or donate it.

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Why Choose Trash Cleanup and Haul?

We’re dedicated to providing the finest quality furniture removal service to our clients in Riverside. We are certain that our prices are unbeatable! We’ve made the entire furniture removing process as easy as it can be. All you have to do is call us for a FREE quote. Once a quote has been agreed upon, we’ll set an appointment with you. We’ll  call you before getting to your destination on the scheduled date and time. Once our furniture removal and hauling team get to your location, simply point, and they will begin their work.

We offer the following three core benefits…

  • Professional, fast and friendly service
  • Highly experienced and trained junk removal group at an affordable price!
  • FREE no-obligation estimates with no hidden or additional charges

Our junk and furniture removal team is fully equipped with all the tools they need to safely eliminate the junk you have in your property. We also have the proper vehicle(s) to remove and haul your furniture.

Types of furniture we remove:

✓ Wardrobe
✓ Chest
✓ Night Stand
✓ Couch / Sofa
✓ Stool
✓ Curio Cabinets
✓ Folding Table
✓ Pedestals
✓ Kitchen Table
✓ Headboard
✓ Dresser
✓ Bookcase
✓ Bench
✓ Love Seat
✓ Accent Tables
✓ Desk
✓ Game Tables
✓ Bedroom Set
✓ Dining Room Table
✓ Futon
✓ Cabinet

✓ Pantry
✓ Chair
✓ Ottoman
✓ Blanket Racks
✓ Drawing Board
✓ Hope Chest
✓ Dinette
✓ Vanity Set
✓ TV’s
✓ Closet
✓ Hutch
✓ Chaise Lounge
✓ Recliner
✓ Coffee Table
✓ End Table
✓ Nesting Tables
✓ Dining Set
✓ Bed
✓ Record Player

Searching for “Furniture Removal Near Me?”

If you’re in desperate need for your old furniture to be removed, or perhaps you’ve been searching online for “furniture removal near me”, look no more, Trash Cleanup and Haul is here to relieve you of the furniture removal stress. Our junk removal crew is ready to help you out at an affordable price.

Trash Cleanup and Haul has been specializing in all kinds of junk removals in Riverside, CA for almost 6 years now. We remove all sorts of furniture every single day, and it’s among one of the most frequently requested services

How It Works

You can get a FREE no-obligation estimate on our website or give us a call at (951) 790-8498. Once a price and date and time is scheduled, we’ll send our furniture removal experts, who will contact you 30 minutes before our scheduled time to inform you we’re on our way.

Once we get there, all you have to do is;

  • point!
  • We’ll begin removing the furniture
  • Start loading in our truck,
  • Clean up the area
  • Donate, recycle what we can or properly dispose them

Trash Cleanup and Haul is a locally-owned business and not a franchise. We are proud to serve Riverside and surrounding areas.

Client Testimonials

Contacted him for a cleanup at our business, and he responded promptly, giving us a quote the same day. He did a great job and left the place impeccably clean. Great/professional service!

Marcella Garcia

This is superior business at its finest. You won’t find this kind of customer service anywhere else. I would definitely use Trash Cleanup and Haul today, tomorrow and forever🤘🏻🤘🏻

Ricky Morales

Great service. Very honest and punctual. Fast response. Very competitive prices. Thank you guys. My trash was taken away quickly and wife is happy now.

Mekhail Alexander

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